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Learn the missing steps in the manifesting process that stop you from creating the life you truly want.

You probably have heard about the law of attraction - the concept that “like attracts like” and that the more you focus on, visualise or think about what you want, the more you draw it to you.

And you have probably read books on manifesting or even enrolled in courses and learned how to manifest your desires. Maybe you've implemented the law of attraction and it just didn't work... or it did work, but you still weren't happy even though you got what you wanted.

The law of attraction is a Universal law that does work - we are all-powerful creators, able to transcend our current circumstances and create our ideal life.


There are some key missing steps in most manifesting processes that stop us from creating what we truly want - and this is what Soul Visioning is all about.

In this online workshop, I show you these missing steps, and through a series of powerful guided meditations and journaling exercises, I help you access your inner soul vision and create the life you truly want.

Soul visioning workshop. LEarn the missing steps to manifesting the life you want.

In this online workshop you will:

  • Learn the missing steps in the manifesting process and why it is essential for manifesting your soul's deepest desires
  • Energetically release the blocks to abundance that are getting in the way of you manifesting your best life
  • Learn the Universal principles that are essential in the manifesting process
  • Be guided in the next steps, beyond the workshop, so you can continue to be engaged and connected to your manifesting process.

Soul Visioning

This Course Includes...

  • Video Lessons

    Five instruction videos to guide you through this process.

  • Guided Meditation Practices

    Four guided meditations which will help you embody necessary change and manifest your soul’s desires. These can be downloaded and listened to again and again.

  • Soul Visioning Journal

    A personal workbook guiding you through the necessary soul visioning process, so as to become a powerful soul-aligned manifestor.

Rita, Sydney Australia

A Powerful Course!

Rita, Sydney Australia

"In this powerful nurturing session, energetic blocks were cleared and your soul vision explored. I left feeling positive, grounded, energised and enlightened."

Create Your Manifesting Plan in 5 Sessions

This workshop includes five sessions to guide you in creating the life you truly want.

  • About Soul Visioning

    In this session you learn the secret to soul visioning and how it differs from regular manifesting

  • Clearing the Blocks to Abundance

    We all carry blocks to abundance, and in this session we energetically remove these blocks through journaling exercises.and a powerful energetic clearing meditation.

  • Steps to Abundance

    In this session, you learn a key to manifesting that not many know about and experience a soul alignment meditation.

  • Soul Manifesting

    Now it's time to put your manifesting power into action as you create your soul manifestation through a unique journaling process and a powerful manifesting meditation.

  • Next Steps

    In the final session, you are guided through the next steps in your manifesting journey to ensure your manifesting power and knowledge continues beyond this course.

Workshop Lessons

The Step-by-Step of Manifesting

  • 1


    • Welcome to Soul Visioning - Start Here!
    • Download your Soul Visioning Journal
  • 2

    Session 1 - Soul Visioning

    • Welcome to your Soul Visioning Workshop
    • Meditation - Simple Mindfulness
  • 3

    Session 2 - Clearing the Blocks to Abundance

    • Session Two - The Importance of Clearing the Blocks
    • Meditation - Energy Clearing for Manifesting Abundance
  • 4

    Session 3 - Steps to Abundance

    • Session Three - Areas of Abundance
    • Meditation - Soul Alignment
  • 5

    Session 4 - Soul Mainfesting

    • Session Four - Manifesting from the Soul
    • Meditation - Soul Manifestation
  • 6

    Session 5 - Next Steps on your Manifesting Journey

    • Session Five -Surrendering and Embodying
  • 7

    EXTRA: Want to Go Deeper and Learn the Powerful Laws of the Universe?

    • Learn more about the 7 Day Course, Reset to Love, Peace and Abundance
Alex, Sydney Australia


Alex, Sydney Australia

Since I did the course, the world has changed. I am tapping into the learnings from the course to create more inner peace to deal with my present life challenges


  • Is this course for me?

    People with no experience with the idea of manifesting and already have experience in manifesting will all benefit from this course. This course is right for you if:

    • You’ve been trying to manifest your dreams, but it just isn’t working
    • You’re interested in manifesting and want to know the missing pieces
    • You haven't found happiness with what you've manifested so far.
  • I've tried manifesting before and it just doesn't work... what's different here?

    So much of the manifesting teaching that is out there is coming from a place of fulfilling the ego’s desires. This course is all about soul desires - that is, the desires that stem from the “true you” - and showing you how to connect with your soul for a deeper process of manifesting abundance and true happiness.

  • Can I download and listen to the meditations again?

    Yes, all meditations can be downloaded and saved to your computer or mobile device to listen to again.

Meet Nicole

Nicole Bayliss

Nicole Bayliss

Nicole is an author, spiritual teacher and healer who is based in Sydney, Australia. Nicole works with people all over the world, facilitating personal transformation. She has written six books, A Shift to Bliss, 5 Steps to Finding Love, Soul Magic, Soulful & Successful Business, The 25 Universal Laws and Forgiveness is the Key. Nicole offers free meditations on the app Insight Timer and her online courses are available from her website.

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