Find Your Purpose...

Purpose is not something we need to go looking for “out there”. It already exists within you. 

This is why I have created this simple but very powerful course Your Purpose is Calling. This 5 day course is a deep dive into you, and from this process, your purpose will emerge!

If you want to know what your purpose is and to start living it, this course will create the perfect foundation from which you can live your best life.

In this online course you will:

  • Learn the incredible process of self-exploration and insight that leads to finding your purpose;
  • Be given powerful tools, such as guided healing meditations, to dive deeply into yourself and connect with the power of the Universe 
  • Replace the old beliefs that are holding you back from finding and living your purpose
  • Discover the powerful gifts we all have in our past and present that can reveal our hidden gifts and talents
  • Create a plan for the future to allow your newly found purpose to unfold in your life.
Lee, Sydney Australia

"I have completed Nicole's course. And wow! It was just what I needed."

Lee, Sydney Australia

This Course Includes...

  • Video Lessons

    Five transformational video lessons for each topic of the course

  • Guided Meditation Practices

    A powerful healing meditation for each of the five days; helping you to clear energy and align to your purpose.

  • Purpose is Calling Journal

    A personal workbook guiding you through a powerful process of personal insight and exploration.

A Powerful Five Day Course

This course is a powerful 5 days of daily lessons, guided meditations, self-reflection and journaling.
  • The Simple Truth

    Discover this one simple truth that allows you to begin the journey to finding your purpose.

  • The Power of Self-Love

    Learn why self-love is necessary for finding and living your soul’s purpose and experience a powerful energetic clearing meditation to upgrade your level of self-love.

  • The Power of your own History

    Learn how to use your past to create your best future

  • The Key Universal Law

    Discover the most important Universal Law and how we can use it in the present moment to shift to living on purpose.

  • The Future Plan

    We bring together all of the learning from the previous four days and chart a course for the future, where you are moving towards and living your soul’s purpose.

Each Day of the Course

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course!

    • Welcome to the Course
    • Your Purpose is Calling Journal
    • Introduction
  • 2

    Day 1 - You are Exactly Where you Need to Be

    • Video Lesson
    • Day 1 Meditation
  • 3

    Day 2 - Self love, Self Approval, Self Acceptance

    • Video Lesson
    • Day 2 Meditation
  • 4

    Day 3 - Look Back

    • Video Lesson
    • Day 3 Meditation
  • 5

    Day 4 - Look Now

    • Video Lesson
    • Day 4 Meditation
  • 6

    Day 5 - Look Forward

    • Video Lesson
    • Day 5 Meditation
  • 7


    • Congratulations
    • Sessions and Free Resources
Sylvia , Sydney Australia

"If you’re ready to heal yourself and your life, love and respect yourself, take this step with Nicole ”

Sylvia , Sydney Australia

You will be doing so much more than just finding your purpose.

  • Shift your perspective about purpose and what it means to be living your purpose.

  • Dispel the common myths about finding your purpose and why they can sabotage you.

  • Replace these old myths with new beliefs based on Universal Laws that are the truths of the Universe.

  • Facilitate a deep self-excavation process of your past to find the hidden gifts.

  • Discover how to embrace the new paradigm and how your soul's purpose is connected to this shift.

Meet Nicole

Nicole Bayliss

Nicole Bayliss

Nicole is an author, spiritual teacher and healer who is based in Sydney, Australia. Nicole works with people all over the world, facilitating personal transformation. She has written six books, A Shift to Bliss, 5 Steps to Finding Love, Soul Magic, Soulful & Successful Business, The 25 Universal Laws and Forgiveness is the Key. Nicole offers free meditations on the app Insight Timer and her online courses are available from her website.


  • Is this course for me?

    This course is for anyone wanting to deepen their connection to their purpose, but specifically if:

    • You’ve not been satisfied with your career so far,
    • You’re not sure about what you want to do with your life or what to do next,
    • You are feeling the need for more meaning in your life, and to make a unique contribution to the world
    • You want to be happier on a day-to-day basis.
  • I've read/listened to so many books and talks on purpose and tried so many things... what's different here?

    So much of the teachings on purpose come from a place of fulfilling the ego’s desires. This course is all about soul purpose - that is, the purpose that lives within you and is part of the “true you”. This is about finding what you were born to do through inner work and connection with the soul and finding true fulfuilment.

  • Can I download and listen to the meditations again?

    Yes, all meditations can be downloaded and saved to your computer or mobile device to listen to again.

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